Millenium Management was founded in 2004 upon a vision to provide personalized management services to small and mid-sized Northern Virginia communities, from accounting procedures/dues collections to violations enforcements.  MMI's comprehensive management style is based on in-depth knowledge of the communities we manage, their individual needs, and the broader local issues impacting each community -building/growth concerns, local politics and how they effect property values, communities, and way of life.

MMI is a small organization committed to providing completely individualized service plans for each community.  However, we are also able to provide the same management software and technology solutions to our HOAs generally only available to either large associations or large management companies.  This affords communities personal service backed up with state of the art technology - the absolute best of both worlds! 

Millenium Management strives for excellence by professional personnel providing services and management techniques tailored to individual community association needs.  In doing so, our values remain constant:   Integrity, Stability, Responsiveness, Education, Innovation, Professionalism, and Pride.

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